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Amazon Legacy represents a new approach to restoring and preserving our natural resources. Both for-profit and non-profit approaches have failed. As we stand at the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it is fair to say “we have failed.” If we don’t say that, we will continue using the same approaches with the same results. Amazon Legacy is leverages new technology to connect us more viscerally to what is happening in our planet, in the same way that our neural systems connect us with the different parts of our body.

We don’t ignore a pain in our toe because it’s too far away from our brain to notice. Amazon Legacy is designing systems that will keep humanity connected in that way. Through a dashboard and app that anyone can use, Amazon Legacy will create systems that allow every individual visibility into what is happening in the Amazons. We will be working with multiple measures, down to the level of a specific acre, a specific farmer, a specific community. Creating interconnected information systems, we’ll be able to know the validity of a particular carbon credit. Is that tree still standing? Is a new path or road being traveled inside that patch of supposedly untouched forest? Is the nearby community suffering economic distress that may cause them soon to need to turn to farming or extraction for their sustenance? Are there loggers with large equipment driving in that direction right now?

Immediate, actionable information will allow humans to re-connect with the natural resources of the planet. Every one of us is affected by the destruction of our natural resources. Worldwide, people are suffering cardiovascular and metabolic disease directly connected to the health of our air, water and food supply. If we can re-connect to the immediacy of these problems, we will be able to take immediate action. Similar to a health dashboard for our bodies, a health dashboard for the planet will allow us all to see the data in real time, communicate with one another and take the appropriate actions as a collective of humanity, working together for the sacred gift of nature that sustains us.

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