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Amazon Legacy

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Visibility and Flow

Amazon Legacy leverages technology such as digital satellite imagery, on-the-ground IoT sensors, and Distributed Ledger Technology to create a dashboard of the health of the Amazons as well as the health of the people and communities in the surroundings.

The platform allows people worldwide to coalesce around actions, leveraging the local population to physically enforce legal actions, providing them with a local income through mutual credit currencies with a fractional reserve backed by donations. By creating self-sustaining economies locally and watchdog groups globally, we can protect our environment.

Amazon Legacy emerges from a team with deep roots in ecosystems, currency and community design. It’s not just one more project to save the rainforests. Our foundation is transparency and trust. It’s the creation of a circular economy that provides:

  • Security for the indigenous peoples who are the on-the-ground stewards of the Amazons
  • Secure income and sustainable lifestyles for the people in the surrounding areas
  • Regeneration of our natural resources for the health of living systems on the planet
  • Living systems currency design that transfer to any living system, for long-term sustainability

Amazon Legacy has emerged from the enthusiasm and determination of young people who believe that we can solve this problem. Together with the indigenous people of the region—the on-the-ground stewards of these sacred lands—and a coalition of organizations—we will create a collaborative, sustainable framework that will start by preserving Amazon Headwaters, which will be a model for ecological regeneration and sustainable communities worldwide.


For environmentalists, activists and investors

A real time transparent dashboard showing the health of the global commons.


For indigenous people

Protection of their culture, lifestyle, health and environment.


For residents of Amazon-rich countries

Secure income, community support, education and livelihood.


For communities and governments

A path out of the debt cycle.


For the planet

What about also the protection of the greatest pharmacological resource for humanity?


For NGOs in the environmental arena

Sustainable business models, effective action, and collaboration among agencies.

Our methodologies

We are amplifying the voice of the indigenous communities and the world’s most precious ecosystems by creating a global alliance of citizens, merchants and payment systems that support a responsible, participatory governance of the global commons.

Using advances in cryptocurrency, multidimensional accounting methods, cosmo-local production, circular economy technologies, open platform protocols, and self-sovereignty, Amazon Legacy is globalizing sustainable practices that have served humanity in small groups for thousands of years. Through the use of technology, it is now possible to scale successful economic models for the good of humanity and the enrichment of all through healthy, growing ecosystems.


Permanent protection and restoration of all natural resources in the Amazon rainforest through legitimized technology and responsible solutions.


To create a sustainable world where all living beings thrive and where human collaboration is easy and fun

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Meet Our Team


Manvir Dhaliwal

BizDev, Investor And Donor Relations.


Jonah Wittkamper

Government, Networks, Environment.


Grace Rachmany

Product, Blockchain.


Jeevan Grewal

Spokesperson, Youth Relations.


Warren Stickney

Finance, Compliance.


Teri Riddle

Partnerships, Strategy.


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